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Traditional Publishing versus Self-Publishing |

Traditional Publishing versus Self-Publishing |


Saw This And Had To Blog About It

Whilst researching for my writing, I came across this article and just KNEW this had to be a topic I could build a blog post out of.
Whilst reading it, I thought : my answer is a definite YES to all of these . I dream about writing and books, about my characters and about plot lines. I have often got writer’s block and not known what to do. I have often doubted myself, and still do at times , but the self- doubting just makes me more determined to move on and fight for what I want: my work to be in someone else’s hands. It also means I can be suddenly inspired, and have to save a note on my iPad 2 to check something out or weave something into a storyline .
I also often find myself giving up on something I want to do to concentrate and move forward with my writing instead, or some aspect of planning or other. My excuse is ‘ I have to write X or finish off XYZ’. Some people may find this boring, but it is all in the name of my passion.
I think I can safely say that I chose the right thing to do in my free time that has quickly developed into a passion, and one at which I will never stop fighting to be the very best I can be.


Five Posts to Write Right Now

The Daily Post

Whether you’ve been blogging for a decade or for a week, sometimes it can feel like inspiration has taken a day off. Next time that happens, give these post ideas a try.

1. The quote-first post.

It’s sometimes easier to put your own thoughts into words when someone else’s words are already there on the screen. Have you come across a powerful quote in the news, or read a great opening sentence in a novel? Is there a line in a song you’ve recently heard that you keep thinking about?

Start a post by quoting it. The quote can be as simple as a line of dialog from Game of Thrones, or as thought-provoking as a short passage form Plato in this fascinating essay on crime and free will. You could write about how the quote affects you, why you think it’s interesting, or how it relates to something you’d written about before. Or just use…

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