Saw This And Had To Blog About It

Whilst researching for my writing, I came across this article and just KNEW this had to be a topic I could build a blog post out of.
Whilst reading it, I thought : my answer is a definite YES to all of these . I dream about writing and books, about my characters and about plot lines. I have often got writer’s block and not known what to do. I have often doubted myself, and still do at times , but the self- doubting just makes me more determined to move on and fight for what I want: my work to be in someone else’s hands. It also means I can be suddenly inspired, and have to save a note on my iPad 2 to check something out or weave something into a storyline .
I also often find myself giving up on something I want to do to concentrate and move forward with my writing instead, or some aspect of planning or other. My excuse is ‘ I have to write X or finish off XYZ’. Some people may find this boring, but it is all in the name of my passion.
I think I can safely say that I chose the right thing to do in my free time that has quickly developed into a passion, and one at which I will never stop fighting to be the very best I can be.



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