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Beta Readers Needed For My Urban Fantasy Novel For 9-12 Year Olds.

HI everyone. I’m in critical need of beta readers for my urban fantasy novel. The novel is called Spellbrooke and is part one of the Spellbrooke trilogy which is aimed at 9 to 12-year-olds. This is my first novel, and I am hoping to publish by February/ March 2015 at the latest . I have joined two online critique groups, but some people think that they can’t read children’s novels because of their age. I am 33 years old, and wrote in this genre because I wanted to give it a try. I am in a difficult position because hardly any of my family and friends enjoy reading or writing, and most do not have the time to help me out.
I realise this is a time and priority issue for everybody as they have to balance other aspects of their lives, but I would really appreciate it if someone would come forward and offer to help me out. I created a campaign in May 2014 but was unable to raise the funds I needed for a professional editor and/or beta reader, and I also have complex medical needs that need to be seen to and paid for, so money is a huge issue from me. I’ve been working on this novel since November 2013 and it would be my complete dream to see it published, but without a reliable reader who will receive my work and get back to me on it promptly I will be unable to do that.
Please get back to me ASAP if you feel like you can help.
I’m happy to beta read, review or critique your work for you. I can post reviews on my reading blog at, or on Amazon/ Goodreads.
If you would be up for helping me, reply to this post.

Here’s a synopsis

Casey Ford and Rachel Brown have a lot in common: they are best friends, they are both nine years old , and they both have Cerebral Palsy. They also want to be popular .
It’s the the last day of school before the summer holidays. They both love reading and horses. They are looking forward to a nice fun, relaxing summer, without Angela and her friends from school teasing them and Casey’s brother Nick being a nuisance . The summer starts off great, with trips to the swimming pool and shopping centre , but then the girls ‘ parents book them into Violet Roses Summer Camp. Reluctantly , they both go, and in some ways it’s not so bad, they ride, swim, do crafts and go on day trips.
One day trip is to Swallowdale , a town where they visit a fortune teller with a crystal ball who tells of a magical land called Spellbrooke, where Faries, Humans and animals live. If only they could find the way there…….
A scandal forces their days at the camp to be over, but it’s not all bad news as Casey’s tenth birthday arrives, and she’s given what she always wanted: a horse she names Noah. They make a promise that they will visit Spellbrooke again, and one day they do. This time, they’re set a Quest by Queen Tobenia and King Oliver II: find the missing Popularity Potion.
Together with an unlikely group of friends and animals, they battle through Spellbrooke completing mini Quests, and searching for the missing Popularity Potion , but will they complete it ? Will the Potion work? Was Spellbrooke real or just a dream
Join Casey and Rachel as they discover a new land, make new friends, and discover a true friendship can never be broken.

Writing Advice from Author Graeme Simsion: Do the Hard Yards

Kobo Writing Life

It has to be every writer’s dream: Knock out your first novel, sit back, and let the accolades and money pour in.

Graeme SimsionThat’s more or less what it looks like happened to author Graeme Simsion, whose first novel The Rosie Project  that  has taken up almost permanent residence on bestseller lists worldwide, has been optioned for a movie, and spawned a deal for a second novel called The Rosie Effect, due this fall.

He calls The Rosie Project a “romantic comedy”, offering a clue to his background as a screenwriter; he is also a former IT guy, where he found inspiration for his socially challenged lead character Don Tillman.

Simsion visited Kobo recently, and we took the opportunity to ask him how he did it – how he landed publishers in 21 countries, and what his writing process is.  Turns out, it isn’t as easy as it looks…

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Get published in both ebook and paperback with The Open Day Competition

Kobo Writing Life

SilverWood Books and Kobo Writing Life are delighted to extend their Open Day Competition prize to include a paperback edition, printed by Berforts Information Press.

The Winner of The Open Day Competition receives a copy-edit, professional cover design, and publication as an ebook and short-run paperback. The Runner Up prize receives a Kobo Aura H2O. The closing date is 31 December, and the SilverWood team are looking forward to reviewing the entries in detail and choosing a shortlist for the judging panel.

SilverWood Books has worked with Berforts Information Press for several years, producing short run and lithographic paperback and hardback editions. Publishing Director Helen Hart says, “We enjoy an excellent working relationship with the Berforts team. To be able to offer an ebook publishing package in association with KWL and now a print edition is excellent news for writers wanting to offer a high quality reading…

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Bloggers Inspiring Bloggers

The Daily Post

When it comes to blogging, the things that keep us going are many and varied: the need to tell a personal story. Great feedback from readers. Even the pleasure of seeing our words and images presented on our site’s sleek new design.

One of the most powerful motivators, however, is the example set by other bloggers.

Not sure where to find blogs you might enjoy reading? The Community Pool is always abuzz with posts by bloggers both new and seasoned. Or give one of our excellent Recommended Blogs a try.

We recently invited all members of the Daily Post community to tell us about their sources of inspiration (if you’d like to add your own take, drop us a line or two here). A common thread was that whenever you doubt yourselves, feel tired and uninspired, or can’t find a good topic to write about, it’s always a good idea to visit your favorite site.

Let’s give…

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